basilwhite (basilwhite) wrote,

State of the human suit/job/Pennsic

Feeling good. Consistently good, which I attribute to several factors: going to bed early, making my own food from scratch, avoiding restaurant food, eating a fresh fruit and/or veg at night for dinner with protein powder-fortified cereal, and avoiding sugars like corn syrup that sneak under the radar of the pancreas.

I had some good fortune yesterday about my career. I feel like I've hit a "purple ceiling" where I have maybe one more promotion left before my lack of military service makes any higher promotion too politically visible to award to a non-veteran. Nice problem to have. I only stay at my job because the veterans in my family tell me how proud they feel that I work here.

Looks like we're selling the mint-in-box tent we bought for Pennsic. I'd rather have the money, and now that I'm happily married going to Pennsic feels like taking sand to the beach.

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