basilwhite (basilwhite) wrote,

Folk School: Day 2

Folk School morning walk was rained out. Morning song was led by the boss, who gave a history of the place. Then big hippie country breakfast and down to chocolate class.

We made double chocolate chunk cookies and toffee cookies. Lunch was broiled shrimp garden salad in a chili oil vinaigrette. I skip dessert for homemade whole wheat bread with a shmear of government peanut butter, a sense memory that took me back to boarding school.

I go back to class and make coconut macaroons. I had half of a double chocolate cookie, which kept a chocolate aftertaste in my mouth until dinner. Then I go grocery shopping with the teacher - always the teacher's pet - for the ingredients for my experiments: fried pie, chocolate mousse and chocolate shortbread.

Then I showed a beginning banjo student how to practice major scales by ear. I love it when life imitates an antidepressant commercial.
Tags: john c. campbell folk school

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