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Wed, Aug. 25th, 2004, 01:59 pm

For every occupation, there is a catalog of secrets only its employees are aware of—such as how waiters with heavy platters know to look straight ahead, and never down. Armed with a bag of reader mail, Matthew Baldwin unfurls a whole lot more true insider knowledge.


Wed, Aug. 25th, 2004 06:02 pm (UTC)

Home inspectors know an attic in an abandoned house can hold thousands of snakes.

Pharmacists know a women in a hurry will buy a diaphragm and insert it in front of you.

Cops know a drunk will cut his finger off mowin’ the lawn, drive drunk toward the hospital, get arrested for DUI, and not admit they've cut their finger off until they go to jail and have to surrender their finger as property.

Comedians know never become a home inspector, pharmacist or cop.