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Deathbillies Status Report

Matusof spent some valuable weekend time learning the chords and intros. I realized that I hadn't made the "cookie intros" explicit to Matusof, so I showed him the "cookie intro" videos off of YouTube. Strangely, all three of the Judas Priest songs made the cut as audition songs. now has the chord changes and BPM for all the audition songs.

We also discussed the role of Matusof's mandolin in the arrangements and what abilities the auditioners need to adapt into playing with and without a mandolin. I'm treating the mandolin as a lead guitar. Matusof will play intro guitar parts and solos and trade solo parts with the proper lead guitarist we hire.

The lead guitarist needs to play lead guitar on non-Matusof gigs. On Matusof gigs, the lead guitarist will trade solo parts with Matusof and play twin wall-of sound rhythm guitar outside of the solos as per Priest or Maiden. The rhythm guitarist we hire will play rhythm guitar all the time no matter what.

The print version of the ad hits the City Paper this Thursday and runs two more Thursdays after that.

I'm still learning the Boss Micro BR recorder. If any of you have a proper Boss 9v adapter, I'll trade you two DanElectro 9v adapters for one Boss. The store owner said people only have trouble when they use a non-Boss adapter and I don't have any. Otherwise I'll have to buy one.

The venue owner posted the flyers. He's good people.

I'm taking off work May 29, the day before the auditions to test everything and pack.

I have the overalls and boots and hat for my Hell Haw costume, I just need the studded forearm bracer. I can't find any whiskey jugs I'm willing to drink out of so I'll just drink Mississippi Mud Black & Tan from Trader Joe's. Bring me two and I'll pay you cash. says the average address of the three of us is here:,+-77.299522
...which will change when we get a full-time band, but I like the method of renting something near the average location of the band. I will pay a professional and get a receipt.

There's a bunch of other crap like venues and methods to pick songs but that's for Phase 4. Peace out.
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