basilwhite (basilwhite) wrote,

Develop other people's abilities and contributions

Random affirmation of the day: Develop other people's abilities and contributions.

I sent my dad a copy of Man's Search for Meaning, but I don't think it'll develop any of his abilities or contributions. Dad helped airmen and railroad employees get clean and sober: as long as I've known him he's valued and enabled the search for meaning.

I'm trying to help new management learn what they owe, and the resources and opportunities they have to change the world. We have a POTUS who ran on a reform ticket and asks for ideas; what better time than now?

The Project:Deathbilly status meeting gave me new insights and direction. May is probably the worst time to audition a band: I wouldn't want to learn songs and get used to other musicians just coming into summer.

Also, the demos aren't very good. Roulier explained that the BeatallicaBeatallica</a> songs came from one guy singing and the other guy playing all the instruments. But the SONGS became viral and then public desire to see the band perform manifested the band's existence. I was ready to drop the project: now I'm thinking about letting go of the band and prove the concept of the band through the virulence of the songs.

So now Mark and I are gonna try to meet for dinner every fortnight or so and develop the project. I'm hoping he'll get enough return on his investment to continue. I need to create with another person to find meaning in the work. We could also develop a project that he leads: I like the idea of two artists taking turns shortstopping for each other.

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