basilwhite (basilwhite) wrote,

I will not judge myself according to what I do or don't do. Once we confuse our self-worth with our

Today's random assertion: I will not judge myself according to what I do or don't do. Once we confuse our self-worth with our ''performance'' (or what we do), we make a mess, and stress ourselves unnecessarily.

Some of my hatred of my job I may be misdirecting at myself. I'm solving the problem. I've learned how to do the right thing and forgive when before I would have frightened people to leave me alone.

Dad wants blueberry fried pie. I'm gonna try to make them. Any ideas on helping them survive the mail?

Wed. I meet Roulier to work on Project:Deathbilly. He's good people. I'd like to have something tangible to give him; maybe first draft tracks of Most Beautiful Girl if I can learn how to use the Boss Micro BR.

Three more days to vote for the next Deathbillies cover.

I got mad trying to fix my bass, and stopped, and took it to the music store. I don't get to be angry while I'm doing something fun. I will not judge myself by the drum track I record or don't record. When I don't get the song right, I get mad and make the song worse. Then I have a weekend of anger and failure.

Silly boy. That's what weekdays are for.

vikingsparrow woke me up again and sent me downstairs to the Wii Fit. Big quality of life improvement by exercising in the morning instead of at night.

I'm almost done coding my notes from the Unofficial Disney Guide. I beat down my debt with a spreadsheet that put a dot on a graph with a date and an amount. Now I have positive financial goals to work for, like vacations. My problem is that the way I know how to move the money in the right direction is to buy suits at thrift stores and not go on vacation and spend no money discretionarily. Then I get mad and buy something, because what's the point of a 12-hour door to door job if I have no fun?

What I need is a go-to-hell fund.

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