basilwhite (basilwhite) wrote,

Requiem for a cream

Today's random affirmation: Practice relaxation techniques on a daily basis.

I've exercised first thing in the morning for 12 days now. I'm starting to think of exercise as my morning routine of exercise-pills-shower-floss-brush teeth-get dressed socially-mandated behaviors.

Today I stay home for a much-needed sanity day. I called my honeybunny and told her I'd mow the lawn, pressed the off button on the phone, the rain started, and hasn't stopped.

I'm still recording everything I spend money on. Honeybunny says she'll put the expense records into the spreadsheet, but she gets easily bored. Maybe I'll just keep doing it anyway.

Honeybunny has dragged me down with her into the bowels of frozen custard addiction. I'm off to score some moophine then off to the grocery store for cream cheese and butter. I'll get some bread so it all looks legit.

Then home to freebase some apples into fried pie with that Cook's Country pat-in-the-pan dough soul brother Chris Kimball laid on me, then sneak the product into Maryland for my homies in Bethesda and Wheaton.

The straight world just don't know, man. They just don't know.
Tags: chris kimball

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