basilwhite (basilwhite) wrote,

What is my purpose?

Today's random affirmation: What is my purpose?

I finished the arrangement for Blitzkrieg Bonanza last night. Squee! I live for the comedy rock.

I've been recording my expenses like a good little saver. I don't feel as bitter about it now that I have a method to build a Go to Hell Fund.

Still struggling with what to do with my career. My job would rock if I could tolerate uncreative boredom. Nobody's fault but mine. I don't want to create, I just feel restless and bored when I don't.

I have hired a teenager to mow my lawn. I'm grateful for the weekends. I need my weekends. If I have to dread the weekends because of grass allergies all summer long, I will hurt innocent people through Columbus Day. Thankfully we'll all avoid that suffering thanks to Teenage Lawnmower Guy.

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