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Deathbillies Status Report

My music director Marcus Aureolus had the idea of going through our recorded songs, picking one of them, and fixing it while developing a new song, balancing two projects at a time. I attribute much of my productivity and success to keeping my eggs in exactly two baskets.

So I picked the oldest song from - Blue Bayou - and I'm rerecording it. After I finish Blue Bayou I'll tackle D.I.V.O.R.C.E. then I Fall To Pieces and continue moving up the calendar.

The Micro BR seems unusably frustrating for mixing tracks, but I've found another use for it. I'm recording from the guitar to the BR to the USB input, which saves a lot of hassles with pedals. The BR also has a built-in tuner and noise reduction.

I also compared the recording quality of the Ibanez semihollow I used on the old recordings against the new Fender Jag, and the Jag wins in a walk.

Drums are also coming out much better, as I've learned a better method of recording and mixing takes in Audacity: 1) Record take N. 2) Pan Take N to the right channel and Take N-1 to the left channel. If Take N is better than Take N-1, delete Take N-1 and record another take. If subsequent takes don't improve, copy and paste between the two takes to fix the mistakes and pan them left and right as a stereo "best of" take (don't 'quickmix' them into one stereo track as you lose some functionality and gain nothing.)
Tags: audacity, deathbillies

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