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Pennsic, Deathbilly Hot Potato, Son

I had the most fun I've ever had at Pennsic. The stabbing shoulder pain kept waking me, I fought mud and a half-mile hike each way to park, but honeybunny had a great time sharing her arts and science, and she bought me a Patsy basket! Now all I need is a big trumpet and a couple of coconut shells and I can squire for King Arthur, just like Terry Gilliam.

Marcus Aureolus has worked quite diligently of late on Project Deathbilly. He's done all the parts for "I Never Promised You a Rose garden" and "I Fall to Pieces" except vocals and drums. I've discovered how collaboration increases net productivity through the creative implementation of the game "Hot Potato."

I'll finish "Rose garden" and "Fall 2 Pieces" in their order from old to new. Right now I need to give Marcus Aureolus something to do, so I'll record the click-and-scat version of Crazy Train (for feeling so lonely) and send Marc the mix and individual tracks so he can add proper guitar and bass. Then I'll finish rerecording "blue Bayou."

Before we know it, we'll have fixed the demos and recorded enough new songs to come up with more songs and/or recruit two guitarists and a drummer and start performing. By our new standards we have two in the can and nine demos to finish. I figure we need at least twenty demos to build a bulletproof set. We have the Ramones problem: the songs are so short and the punk ethic keeps the non-music stage time to a minimum, so we have to learn three times as many songs as a normal band.

My boy arrives Saturday. I wanted to take him to Twilight Tattoo, but the season has ended. All I have left on my DC tourist list from when I moved here in '91 is Twilight Tattoo and Tourmobile at night. I'll take him to the Pentagon Memorial. I'll try for the Spy Museum but that line runs outdoors twelve months a year. The Nationals might be in town. We're definitely doing Dave and Buster's and/or Jillian's.

The boy wants sushi and Indian, and Chef Gruffy gave me some places to try. My favorite DC sushi is Matsutake at National Airport, but then I'm a dumb roundeye gaijin whose behavior none should emulate.
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