basilwhite (basilwhite) wrote,

Audacity <-> Reaper agnosticism

I'm recording and mixing in Audacity; Marc is recording and mixing in Reaper. So now I'm going to master a separate WAV file for each track and upload them so Marc can use them to master separate WAV files for each of his tracks.

Audacity and Reaper don't save your changes in the audio files, they just save the initial, unedited audio file and store the changes to all the tracks in the overall project file. The bad news is that to share the edited recording of a track, you have to export just that track.

The good news is that if we master a WAV for each track we can work in either Audacity or Reaper agnostically. I still wanna learn Reaper, though. I need to find a tutorial.

Then I need to finish rerecording "blue Bayou." I'm recording the initial tracks at about 70% tempo, then I'll raise the tempo in the mixdown.
Tags: audacity, reaper

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