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Mon, Oct. 5th, 2009, 07:34 am
My Own Wichita Lineman (Shove It)

My cover of Wichita Lineman's headed in a Deftones "My Own Summer" direction. I need a Deftones sound effect for my voice. Any ideas?

Mon, Oct. 5th, 2009 12:06 pm (UTC)

Try an envelope filter or a rotary speaker effect.

Mon, Oct. 5th, 2009 05:01 pm (UTC)

Thanks. I'll try these. For live I'm thinking about an Ibanez LF7 Lo-Fi pedal or a DigiTech Vx400 Vocal-Modeling Floor Processor.

It's too bad no one makes a programmable VST stompbox that you could just load with a VST effect and play it live.