basilwhite (basilwhite) wrote,

Trams, missed flight, funeral details

The new IAD trams are running but not open to the public, teasing us with their promise of a clean, efficient future. Dulles has kept with the Logan's Run typeface and graphics. 35 years later and it's retro-futurist. I wait in at the wrong gate for the wrong flight to Charlotte, so I miss the correct flight, so now the wrong flight to Charlotte is now the right flight to Charlotte. Thanks, Attention Deficit Disorder.

Before anyone reading this offers me solutions to help me pay more attention, trust me, your solution requires 1) a drug that's already failed, 2) herbs that work on the placebo effect; 3) a book I've already read; or 4) attention I don't have. "Why don't you just X?" "X requires attention I don't have." Lather, rinse, repeat.

I call Dad on my Blackberry for the place and time of the wake, and find the obituary online with the Blackberry while he's opening the newspaper - - I'm too late to go the wake. 4 hrs 13 min from the airport puts me there at 6:45pm, then back to Memphis at 11 pm.


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