basilwhite (basilwhite) wrote,

Toilet plungers, smoke detectors and Mexican sushi

The GPS gets me back to Dad's for a long-awaited poop. The toilet overflows. There's no plunger, because there is no God. Dad returns from the wake and my brother and sister arrive from Texas and we talk until 2am.

The next morning my DC workaholic circadian rhythm wakes me up first, and I'm clean-shaven and fulla vitamins. Funny thing about the towels I bought yesterday: there was an immediate need for them as soon as my siblings woke up. There's stuff on my to-do lists that I don't even remember why they're there (cloth medical tape?), until I use it (I covered the contacts of a dead 9v battery.)

Aimee calls as Dad and his wife try to get her Down's Syndrome child out the door for the bus to Dollywood. None of their pleading gets Kendra out the door before she finishes breakfast.

I try to get new prescription glasses to replace the ones I left on the plane, but no frames in either store fit my big weather balloon head. I get a garment bag at Goodwill to replace the counterfeit Louis Vuitton bag that failed yesterday. We meet my buddy Mike Blumenthal for coffee, who believes that my wife is a fabricated pretend wife, even though they've met and she's sent him dozens of photos. Mike shows me photos of his successful balloon art business ( Mike swears by Google ads.

I replaced dad's smoke detector battery and now the house is eerily quiet since the smoke detector stopped chirping every 30 seconds. I also buy a toilet plunger, because I make amends for my mistakes. Tighe wants to fix the big drug dealer projection TV, but there's no screwdriver in the house, so I accompany Tighe to Target for a screwdriver and a dress shirt for him to wear at the funeral. Tighe stays home to fix the drug dealer TV while Melissa, I and my stepsister Marjorie go to a Japanese restaurant. The sushi chef is Mexican. It's fantastic.

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