basilwhite (basilwhite) wrote,

I got rhythm in a jar on a shelf in the garage, next to my heart of a little boy.

Learning iDrum "robodrum" software to build drum parts for Deathbllies songs. I, for one, welcome our robodrum overlords.

Marc turned me on to iDrum to arrange drum parts, so now we can FTP drum parts back and forth. Marc is so productive I have a hard time finding work for him, so I'm gonna let him arrange drum parts for Living After Walking After Midnight and Take This Job and Shove it. 

Meanwhile I have to add Marc's drums to Living After Walking After Midnight, apply reverb and eq, then I'll mix it down and share it here.

Now that I have a decent mic, I'm rerecording vocals for I Fall To Pieces. We also transposed Wichita Lineman to a more guitar-friendly key, so I'll rerecord the vocals to the new pitch, add robodrums, then fix timing and beatmatch eq and reverb each track, then mixdown.
Tags: audio engineering, death country, heart of a child, robodrums

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