basilwhite (basilwhite) wrote,

How to choose who gets a Christmas card: It's nothing personal, you just aren't that into me

I'm learning even more lessons this year about letting other people share the initiative for interacting with me.

As I picked which people would receive Christmas cards, I realized that I hadn't spoken to some of them in years. I decided to send cards based on who had taken the initiative to contact me in the last year or two.

That narrowed the field quite well. Some people I love just aren't that into me, and I seem to have started accepting that.

For example, a childhood friend who lived across the street from my grandma called to ask for my cousin's phone number. Then she asked me what I've been doing, and I told her, "mostly I've been waiting by the phone to give phone numbers of the people the callers actually want to talk to."

Ask me for help, you play by my rules.

Tags: card-sorting exercises, christmas, howto

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