basilwhite (basilwhite) wrote,

Status Report: Project Deathbilly

I did some work on "San Antonio Rose" yesterday. I'm almost to the end of Project Deathbilly and I find it very hard to soldier onward. I find myself wondering if I want to perform this music at all.

I procrastinate on starting the work, but once I start, the hours fly by. Editing music physically exhausts me. I'm trying to remind myself how constipated I feel when I don't create anything, and how this project has helped me relieve the pressure to create.

We don't have a lot of work left. After the editing, we discuss what to do next: Audition a band, record more music as an ongoing hobby, or burn CDs of the music we have and close the project. It would bother me if we didn't play this music at least once. I won't consider the work complete until we perform it.

Tags: deathbillies

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