basilwhite (basilwhite) wrote,

DC Snowpocalypse Update

Apparently our weather in DC has made national news with the state of emergency and curfews in town ( I appreciate the calls from my friends and Dad and his brother Barry making sure we're okay, and not en route to our now-canceled vacation at the Folk School.

We're well-stocked at home, making arts and crafts. Aimee's a pro shoveler from her childhood days in upstate New York.

---------------------------------------------------- - 27" of snow. It snowed from 10:15 Friday morning until 4:10 Saturday afternoon. - Pretty drape of snow. - I stuck my wiper blades up Friday afternoon so they wouldn't freeze to the windshield. Saturday morning they were hidden by the snow. Snow had covered the tree branches so thickly that the birds couldn't perch in the trees.

Tags: snowpocalypse

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