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Weekend Summary: Rock, Meat, Avoiding the Ski Cross Hole

Busy, fun weekend. Went to the Fender Forum "Fracas in Manassas" jam with Deathmarky. I told myself I'd avoid focus and play the quiet, friendly guy who happens to have a job opening on lead guitar, but I took the drums on "Superstition." I beat drum too hard. Me sorry. Here 20 bucks.

Then back home for Aimee's Evening Olympic Summary, courtesy of Tivo. Aimee can improvize an evening of olympics in 5-20 minutes. That hour of ski cross watching you'll never get back? I still have it. One of many benefits of loving an editor.

Sunday morning I throw the pot roast in the slow cooker and prep for our first rehearsal as the Deathbillies. Rehearsal goes well, but Deathmarky shares my concern that we need to fix the mistakes in the demos before Deathtommy starts learning them.

Then I evict the band and put dinner on the table. That's right, band practice and Sunday dinner in one day, 'cos I'm a man, dammit, a MAN!

Find me a lead guitarist!


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