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Now EDIT my 'musicians wanted' ad

Edit this! You know you want to.
Lead Guitarist & Drummer Needed for Country/Death Metal Mashup Comedy Band   

I'm a standup comedian with recording ( and TV and film credits (, and I've quit the road to develop a five-piece country-death metal mashup comedy band à la Spinal Tap.  We play death metal mashups of country music classics.  Think Hee Haw meets GWAR.    

I have a rhythm guitarist and bass player. I need a lead guitarist and a drummer.  We're practicing as a three-piece every Wednesday and every other Sunday in Sterling, VA.   

I'm playing drums at rehearsals until we hire a drummer.  I plan on using my bass player's massive gigging social network and my comedy social network to work both kinds of venues.I need brave people willing to look and act a little silly to give people a good time they can't get at home. If you're interested, the music is at - if you're still interested, e-mail me back with a phone number.  


Lord Basilious  
The Deathbillies  


Now get to editing!

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