basilwhite (basilwhite) wrote,

Notes from Miss Hui, my singing teacher

  • "I listened to your songs online, and it sounds like you are in pain."

  • "Your instruments are too loud in the mix."

  • "Breathe like water filling a balloon."

  • "Don't think of breathing in. Think of filling up with air."

  • "Mix your head voice with your chest voice."

  • "Press your tummy to make air come from belly."

  • "Practice making your falsetto sound less stupid."

  • "Sniffle when you run out of air to get that last breath, like you have the sniffles."

  • "A-E-I-O-U, A like Ah, E is eh, like cafe, I like eeeee, O like awe like awesome, U, like owl with corners of mouth together."

  • "Stay in pitch by thinking of Slinky toy, move pitch slowly up and down, no bumps."

  • "You men like to stand with your feet out like you're macho. But you don't always have to stand like you're the Jolly Green Giant selling frozen corn."


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