basilwhite (basilwhite) wrote,

Basil's Weekend Chores (not counting groceries for my honey baby 'cos I luv my honey baby)

- Try 5 cherries a day for arthritis.

- Wash the refrigerator shelves EWW GROSS.

- Laundry

- Nova fine arts festival reston town ctr May 15

- Get screw from Couchubus bed slats and go get more of them to replace missing one - take the slat if it's detached

- Use groc in fridge/freezer 2 cook 4 work

- Deathbillies homework: very soon we shall record Mötörhead's "The Ace of Spades" vs. Kenny Rogers' "The Gambler." MWUHAHAHAHA

- --> rename and redirect to 1988


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