basilwhite (basilwhite) wrote,

Drumquest Status Report

I had a color ad in last week's DC City Paper ( and NO takers. The music store already had a billboard full of bands seeking drummers.

I'm now willing to sing or play drums or bass in someone else's band to get them to play drums in mine. The music and show concept of the Deathbillies holds a lot of promise, and I feel that once we play a few gigs, people will get it and we'll build demand.

All I need is a drummer.

Not even a good drummer. Just a reliable human being who shows up on time and is willing to apply force to the drum kit in my house.

I'm using print ads and Craigslist. I'd use the Musician's Friend forum if I knew how.

I enjoy the blessings of some smart tribesmen, so I want all of you to use your sexy fat brains to help find a drummer. Ideas, people! Throw 'em on the table. Winner gets a valuable mystery prize.

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