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In Bizarro World, these are your character defects

In Bizarro World, these are your character defects:

Imagine a coin: on one side is printed "character defect." On the other side is printed "coping skill." Flip a coin and respond accordingly. It doesn't matter how the coin lands, your behavior's the same, because character defects ARE coping skills.

Hella fun at Deathbillies practice last night. DeathTommy brought Mrs. DeathTommy, who knitted and browsed Etsy while I screamed into a headphone mixer.

Murph's trying hard to get the drums, but he's still playing timidly. I wanna see the old cop in him express its personality, establish some command presence on the ground. We're gonna try to book a private full-volume practice, and then a private show for friends, family and industry people.

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