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Thu, Sep. 23rd, 2010, 07:24 am
The last summer cold, Wii Fit, Deathbillies wardrobe

Honeybunny vikingsparrow is in London tearing ass through their medieval clothing/costume collections: check her blog if you want details. I already look forward to the slide show.

vikingsparrow tells a worthy story. She talks about people you wanna meet, and if you meet them her story makes you feel as if you've met them already.

Got a summer cold yesterday, on the last day of summer. One of those "unearned hangover" colds with the bodyaches and oversensitivity to noise. It was like I went to the store to buy it, and the last summer cold on the shelf was an economy size pack with more cold than you need, but it's the last day of the season, whatreyagonnado.

Did 40', all on the Wii Fit. I want the Wii Fit sad music played at my funeral. My numbers look good, but I stumblebum through most of it. In real life, I'm a reasonably coordinated 41-year-old: Wii Fit says I'm a 27-year-old with Tourette's syndrome.

Thomas's jacket arrived, so we fitted Andy into Thomas's 40R jacket to get Andy's jacket size (Andy's a sysadmin and doesn't own a jacket!!!) I'm thinkin' 42R for Andy. Murph has his jacket size memorized 'cos the Army stamped it into the back of his neck.

Roulier gave me more than two weeks of production and editing to do, so now I can go home, set the Audacity sound editor/time vacuum for bedtime and snap, bedtime achieved.

Private invitation-only rehearsal Sunday for 2-3 comedians, to get their insights on how to transform the band into a comedy show and market accordingly. SQUEE.