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"Live Teaching Rehearsals" using JamHub

Sunday the Deathbillies have our first invitational rehearsal, with some comedy buddies of mine coming to give me comedy performance notes.

We're now rehearsing to drum tracks while Murph learns how to play the drums and we recruit a drummer (if your lead finds us a drummer you win a prize.) If Murph meets minimal operating capability, he's in, but either way he's in the van, either playing drums or operating the mixing board. Belief and punctuality matters, and he's got 'em. I can't wait for y'all to meet him, he looks like Ed Harris in "The Abyss."

Honeybunny's out of town, so we can play amplified instead of just through the JamHub headphone mixer. I use the PA and JamHub simultaneously. We played amplified the other day by running the JamHub out to the PA, and I ended up using the JamHub headphones anyway 'cos the JamHub mix is easier to hear. Someday I'll connect a wireless earphone to the JamHub and I'll never need another speaker monitor.

Because JamHub has a separate mixing board for each pair of headphones, we can play and hear each other, and Murph can hear us while playing drums, and all we have to do is turn down Murph on our individual mixes and we can't hear him. The JamHub network of independent headphone mixing changes what musicians can do in rehearsal, because the new player can learn by playing live in rehearsal without anyone else having to listen to him. The days of learning alone until you're good enough to learn together are gone.

Murph can listen to us and learn the songs live in rehearsal while the rest of us hear the prerecorded drum track. While Murph comes up to speed, the rest of us rehearse to a drum track without hearing Murph at all, and for Murph, we function as a live MTV Drumscape machine. We couldn't create this "live teaching rehearsal" before JamHub. They don't pay me to say this: like Orson Welles and fishsticks, it's a declaration of love.

We're working on the mashup of Patsy Cline's "Crazy" and Ozzy's "Crazy Train" -- we realized that Ozzy's lineup on Blizzard of Ozz was one guitar -- Randy Rhoads -- so we have to rearrange the song for two guitars, so we need to write a Randy Rhoads "lead-fill track." We're remixing and remastering four of our old songs 'cos now we know what we're doing. Well, relative to last year, we're the macrocephalic aliens from the Star Trek pilot.

Us, now.

Then God Save The Line I Walk For The Queen, then Iron Maiden vs. Don Williams, then Sad Folsom Prison But True Blues.

The last two jackets are on order. Photos imminent. Gotta call Jimmy Jones or the Puerto Rican for a photo shoot.

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