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Embroidery Warfighter Support is Job One

Tonight I ask honeybunny what she wants to eat during the week and cook and pack it tonight. Wanna enable her this weekend to meet her embroidery project deadline. Priority One: Support the Embroidery Warfighter.

The Deathbillies rehearsals are starting to sound good and heavy. I wish I could share the rehearsal MP3 here but the guys want me to keep it at least quasi-close hold. We keep discovering more song ideas, so we have to balance rehearsal time with recording and mixing. I am grateful for this problem.

Mashups on the to-do list: Deep Purple/Johnny Cash, KISS/Garth Brooks. I've said too much.

Tuesday is our last full-team rehearsal before we audition a drummer Wed., Oct. 27. The last time we auditioned a competent drummer, Thomas wasn't there and I tried to play his guitar parts and we sounded like poop. I have now learned that when we audition someone, the auditioner is also auditioning us, so I've been trying to drive the rehearsals with the goal of making him want to join our merry band of brutal country gentlemen.

I'm working toward a "one-man-down" capability where we have secondary roles in the band so we can play with any one man missing. I think Journey did this. Which is not my motivation or rationale, just an afterthought. My primary sound engineer/secondary drummer moved, so Saturday I'm helping him reassemble the drums at his new place.

Sunday I'm going to the Rock and Roll Flea Market when it opens at 10am (Ernst Community Cultural Center, Northern Virginia Community College, 8333 Little River Turnpike, Annandale, then studio day with Marc & Andy to record guitar for a new version of Crazy Train For Feeling So Lonely.

Then label all the A/V gear and remove from living room so the workmen can install our NEW HARDWOOD FLOOR (cue Price is Right "Showcase Showdown" music.)

Thinking about maybe RenFest Sun 10/24.
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