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Fri, Mar. 19th, 2004, 09:28 am
Where the blogs are...

ALL diary entries before this date are at my old school blog at http://www.basilwhite.com/diary2.htm. Lotsa painful stories about comedy shows, unlicensed motel room humiliation, beating traffic tickets, Ninja comedy writing secrets revealed, Bin Laden urinal cakes, and bowling for Satan.

I have a gastric bypass surgery diary at http://www.basilwhite.com/gastric.  Most popular writing I've ever created.  People tell me they like the funny-but true angle of it.  No ads, nothing for sale.

Audio & video at http://basilwhite.com/media, and a comic strip at http://basilwhite.com/comics.  Here's one:

Again, no ads, nothing for sale.  Just friendly filth at reasonable prices.

If'n you got comments, you can share 'em here or on my guestbook at http://www.basilwhite.com/guestbook.htm.

Unconditional dirty love,

Basil White

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