basilwhite (basilwhite) wrote,

Deathbillies at big private festival

Howdy Deputy Deathbilly Buckaroos! I promised you I'd share as much about the big secret festival as soon as I verified that we were playing. Well, I've done verified!

I expect clarity on whom* I can invite by Monday. Whatever promo content you guys want to find online or create, give the URLs to me by Sunday June 19th and I'll send them to him. For photos, send me URLs of SPECIFIC photos you want us to use.

We're playing a big private festival Saturday, June 25. It's in Clarksville, MD if that influences your decision. There's bands from Saturday afternoon to Sunday evening. The Deathbillies are CLOSING SATURDAY NIGHT. I need you deputies shooting video and taking pictures. But no strike teams, understand? These are simple people of the land.

Our stage call is Saturday at 6pm and the festival has a hard stop at 11pm Saturday. Maybe as early as 7, maybe as late as 10, the Deathbillies'll go a-ridin' onto the main stage, a-whompin' and a-whumpin' every country song that moves within an inch of its life.

*English majors rule.

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