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Mon, Nov. 1st, 2004, 06:35 pm

Met av_lad and ladyvyola at psu_jedi and caryabend's Halloween party. av_lad and ladyvyola are fantastic costumers. We read from av_lad's childhood book collection, including highlights from Jane Thayer's Gus the Ghost series. My favorites were Gus was a Mexican Ghost and Gus was a Gorgeous Ghost.

Tue, Nov. 2nd, 2004 05:13 am (UTC)
caryabend: Reality check.

Dude, I know that at least one of us, if not more, is crazy.

But my already tenuous grip on reality seems to be slipping. When did psu_jedi cease being my wife?

(Deleted comment)

Tue, Nov. 2nd, 2004 10:40 pm (UTC)

Fixed. Duh.

Wed, Nov. 3rd, 2004 06:49 pm (UTC)

Great pictures! Thank you very much for posting them. It was good to see you again and meet Aimee.