basilwhite (basilwhite) wrote,

Dress rehearsal, PerryPalooza, new songs, future shows

-Dress rehearsal-

In case you want to hear our dress rehearsal MP3, it's at

-PerryPalooza- I want each of you to please go to and tell me which of the PerryPalooza photos you want us to use for the press kit.

We don't have an MP3 of our PerryPalooza show yet. I'm mixing multiple audio sources off the cameras, then I'll mix that audio with the video and start releasing the PerryPalooza videos.

Then we'll have video and audio and stills for the press kit. Glory! The experiment continues.

-New songs-

I'm making a rough cut of the new secret mashups of Pantera vs. Tennessee Ernie Ford and Iron Maiden vs. Don Williams, so we can start rehearsing them.

We used to perfect a song for public release, THEN start practicing it, THEN get good at playing the song.


Now we're trying to record the song just barely good enough to start rehearsing it, THEN get good at playing it, THEN finish the master recording and release the song.

-Future shows-

After we practice the two new secret songs, I'll call the Monthly Metal at Ball's Bluff promoter, because these two new songs are our heaviest yet and we'll need them for the Ball's Bluff crowd.

I want to play charity shows and USO/VSO events, so we need to bring all the capability for a show with us, so that means PA amplifiers. I'd like a QSC GX5 and a Crown XLS 402, please. What? I get a birthday, too.

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