basilwhite (basilwhite) wrote,

Deathbillies Status Report

Greetings Deputy Deathbillies! Chuck Wagon, our new guitarist, completed installation of his rehearsal studio, so we now have THREE rehearsal studios! That's what happens when your bandmates live 75 minutes apart: you divide and conquer the work. Chuck just needs a cheap electric bass to keep at Chez Chuck: any of you have an electric bass gathering dust in a closet?

Speaking of rehearsals, we're on a break until I get back from church camp at Cooper's Lake in Butler, Pennsylvania. Hallelujah! Then back on the horse while we finish our press kit and web page, then we start the publicity campaign. It looks good for PerryPalooza next year (Jun 23/24 or Jun 30/July 1) but I don't plan on waiting that long to play again.

We got a lotta loud happy new songs in progress, including Metallica vs. Frankie Laine, Iron Maiden vs. Don Williams Pantera vs. Tennessee Ernie Ford. For extra credit we might exhume the bones of our old Tammy Wynette's vs. White Zombie project.

We have three more as-yet unreleased live videos from Memorial Day that I'll post throughout the week. Deeley's also working on a video for "The Gambler" using excerpts from the Kenny Rogers/Bruce Boxleitner film of the same name. Jerry's becoming a fine mixing boardologist and T-Bone's developing the web content: I'm trying to cajole him and maybe my buddy Creswell to develop some Frank Kozik/Rob Zombie silkscreen poster graphics.

And me? I'm trying to do some cardio and lose some damn weight. Now I know why most lead singers are thin: Fronting a band is hard on the knees.

Hell Haw!

Basil "Billy the Id" White

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