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New songs, headphones, new videos, Sesame Street cartoon

Chuck Wagon, Germy and I rehearsed Pantera vs Tennessee Ernie Ford, Metallica vs. Frankie Laine, Iron Maiden vs. Don Williams and KISS vs. Garth Brooks in Chuck's new basement rehearsal studio. That makes three active Deathbillies rehearsal studios with almost no cargo moving around. Thank you JamHub.

For studio headphones I'm using Coby CV195's: 1) They're cheap. 2) Only one wire comes into the headphones and passes inside the headset to the other can, so there's no second earphone wire to get in the way of the guitar. 3) They cover the whole ear. D) The headphones connect to the headphone cable with a 1/8" female stereo jack, so you can replace the headphone cable with a 1/8" stereo cable of any length you want. I always have to discard headphones because the hardwire cable shorts out. Never again.

Three more videos coming out next week, with three or four more after that in the next month.

Chuck Wagon's tearing up the solos to the new songs. Germy's taken a hand at drum arrangement, so you'll hear his arrangement and programming in a song soon. Deeley's still working on a video for The Gambler's Ace of Spades That I Could Keep. Jerry's developing live mixing skills, T-Bone and Reno are wrasslin' press kit stuff for the website so Murph can hit the pavement.

And me? I just stay out of their way.

Send us those mashup suggestions, and keep sharing the music!

Billy the Id
The Deathbillies

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