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Mon, Nov. 8th, 2004, 12:57 pm
Stalker Update

This week's LJ DC Comedy meetup-slash-Basil stalking is a day early.

Normally we meet on Thursdays at Wiseacres (http://www.wiseacrescomedyclub.com), but this week I'm doing the open mic at Wiseacres a day early on WEDNESDAY, Nov. 10.

On Thur., Nov. 18, I'm supposed to do time at Saphire Cafe in Bethesda (http://www.saphirecafe.com), but I'm trying to get out of it, so call my cell that day if you're in the area.

Thur., Nov. 25, I will be enjoying the plump femininity at DARKOVER (http://www.darkovercon.com) at the Holiday Inn in Timonium, Maryland.

Back at Wiseacres on my normal Thursday schedule on Thur., Dec. 2.


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