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Press Kit Sabbath, New Mashups, World Premiere Video

Press Kit Sabbath, New Mashups, World Premiere Video

Sunday night we break bread and make final edits to the press kit. Hallelujah. Then we spread the word. I'm callin' on all you Deputy Deathbillies: will you pause a moment to think hard about which comedy and music bookers would understand our show and how to introduce us? You might even know members of larger local bands who would get what we're doing and would like to close for us.

If some of you have a booker or band in mind I can give you a press kit to hand them. Personally I'd like to play some fundraisers, zombie marathons and art festivals. Fortune smiles upon the brave.

We're shaking the chaff out of Metallica vs. Frankie Laine. That'll take a lot of shaking. KISS vs. Garth Brooks is gliding to target, and Iron Maiden vs. Don Williams just needs us to pour the metal into the appropriate buckets. Then we'll start on Van Halen vs. Kris Kristofferson.

Thanks for contributing to our Country-Metal comedy experiment. Share your ideas. I like ideas.

My gift to you: a World Premiere Video of
New Deathbillies video - Crazy Train (For Feeling So Lonely) (PerryPalooza 2011) - I'll publicize this later, but I wanted to reward you for your time.

Hell Haw!

-Billy the Id

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