basilwhite (basilwhite) wrote,

Just got a nice message about my gastric bypass diary

I received an interesting e-mail from someone who read my gastric bypass surgery diary:

After twelve years I imagine you still get a ton of emails about this. I hope that they haven’t worn you out, and I’ll try and keep this short. I read the entire diary, which is quite a feat as most things I read on the internet don’t hold my interest for more than 5 minutes. Your story brought me to tears several times. Not because the content saddened me, but because it forced me to come to terms with my own weight problem. I don’t think that I could handle the strict routine that follows a GBS. I’m afraid that I would end up eating myself to death if I tried, but thanks to you, I’m changing my life today so that I don’t eat myself to death the slow way.

Gastric bypass diary:
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