basilwhite (basilwhite) wrote,

Questions for relf-referential humor, adapted from

What statement about humanity do you want to make?
What has meaning in your life?
What stories are similar to the story of your life?
What metaphors describe your life?
What is your purpose in life?
Explain yourself.
How do you determine what is relevant?
What higher belief do you have to express?
What do you respect?
What do you love?
What commonly-held belief do you not hold?
What belief do you have that is npt commonly held by others?
What constantly lets you down?
What performs as best in class each and every time?
What do you recommend to your friends?
What knowingly hurts people or its environment?
What would you not want to be associated with?
What's a good value for the experience it offers?
What story do you often use to show how you feel about what you love?
What is often mentioned positively in the media?
What direct feedback do you get about yourself from people you love and respect?
What goals have you achieved over the years?
What milestones or events from your past have you celebrated?
What do you have in mind for your future?
How do you dream about yourself?
What would make a real difference in your life if it was suddenly no longer available?
What icon, logo, symbol or mythic characters do you love or respect?
What has been inspirational in your life to do the right thing?
What delivers more than it has to?
What is something that's the best designed example of its type?
What sounds represent what you love and respect?
What smells and tastes do you associate with what you love and respect?
What physical sensations represent what you love and respect?
What do you get pleasure from touching?
What are the people you love and respect responsible for?
Who listens to you when you make a suggestion?
What are the names of people involved with the things you love and respect?
What are the pet names for things and people you love and respect?
What would you stay loyal to even if you found something that performed slightly better?
What are the things that you have confidence that if something went wrong with them, the people responsible would do the right thing, do it quickly and fix the problem?
What have you ever tried to convince someone to change to?
What nonhuman things, if they had human emotions, would have human emotions that you'd be able to predict, and what emotions would they be?
What makes you come back for more?

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