basilwhite (basilwhite) wrote,

Finally, I have MP3s up.

Figured out how to get audio off the DVD, so I have MP3s up -

Lemme know which jokes you'd like as MP3s and I'll post them. Here's the DVD track listing:

Sorry, Wrong Meeting
Eddie Munster
Stupid Life Decisions
Share Personal History
East St. Louis Of Mid-South
Dress Like Elvis
Virginia Wildlife
Crummy Hotels
Klingon Karaoke
Theme Parks and Atheists
Dawn Of The Dead
Police Car Chases
Darwin Carols
Virgin Mary Potato
Dalai Lama
Prank On Muslims
Online Dating
Personal Ads
My Dog Loves Me
Clean Sweep
Show Biz Lesbian
Fall In Love
141 Pounds
Take The Blame
Hug From A Stranger
A Toast!
Favorite Alcohol
Charity Volunteers
Song In Your Head
Philosophical Question
Give A Man A Fish

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