basilwhite (basilwhite) wrote,

thermobasiling (thermo-basil-ing): action, process or art of heating basil
archbasil (arch-basil): highest or most important basil
divbasilologist (div-basil-ologist): one who studies god basil
basillogy (basil-logy): science, theory or study of basil
basilial (basil-ial): of, relating to, or characterized by basil
basilism (basil-ism): action, process or practice of basil
peribasilambulate (peri-basil-ambulate): to walk or wander around, about basil
basilitis (basil-itis): inflammation or disease of basil
basilation (basil-ation): process, state or action of basil
basilous (basil-ous): possessing, full of or characterized by basil
psychobasiline (psycho-basil-ine): made of or resembling mental activities or the mind of basil
circumbasil (circum-basil): around basil
basilator (basil-ator): one that acts in the manner of basil

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