basilwhite (basilwhite) wrote,

Popped my headliner cherry

First time headlining. Thur. Feb. 17, Kaufmann's, Gambrills, MD just south of Baltimore.

Sold out show.

Every table's full of paying customers. No seats for the comics. Fans whom I'd never met in person came deliberately to see me. That's new.

Kelly Terranova came to offer me moral support. That meant a lot to me, 'cos I featured for him at Winchester's in Baltimore when I popped my feature cherry. His wife was ready to deliver a baby any hour so he was stuck to the cell phone.

My fellow comic Joe Deeley showed up to shoot video. Joe shot with two digital cameras. A full-length DVD may be in the works. A CD is definitely forthcoming, as soon as I can master the audio.

Jared Stern featured for me. I'm glad Jared was my feature. He had a great set and sold CDs. Smart fella.

I think it did well and several people complimented me, but I can't judge my own performance. That's your job. Video clips will be at very soon.

I had practiced delivering at a slower pace for headlining, but I listened to the recording and it sounds like I'm still flying through the material.

Now my new problems are what material not to do and whether to play the hits for my feature spots or do different sets in the same club to demonstrate that I have the material to headline. What great problems to have. Thank you, Baby Jesus.


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