basilwhite (basilwhite) wrote,

April 1 Employee Evaluation

My boss asked me to evaluate my own performance. Here's his message.

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Thursday, April 01 7:51 AM
To: White, Basil
Subject: Self Assessments</p>
Good morning!</p>

Well it’s April Fools Day, and that is the day a new rating period begins.</p>

I am requesting self assessments (when I was in the military, we used to call these "brag sheets").  They give me a good feel for how you view what you'er doing and they queue me in on the things that you have found important over the last year.</p>

Thanks in advance for your input!</p>

Here's my response.

Self-Assessment for Basil White 4/1/04:

I am mighty!   I have a glow you cannot see!   I plow through the earth radiating charm and goodwill in my wake!   I can read, and count, and lift heavy things!   The day of my world dominion is almost at hand!  

Important actions (in order):

  1)   Purchased island

  2)   Hired goons

  3)   Recruited and programmed followers (Thanks Toastmasters!)

April Fool,



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