basilwhite (basilwhite) wrote,

2005/03/25-26, Wiseacres Comedy Club.


Other than my friends Allison and Marc showing up, the Friday show sucked.  It sucked advective adverb noun.

The early Saturday show was great.  silvarbelle and her mom showed up early, so we went across the street to Staples to covet pens.  This drunk lady wouldn't shut up during the show.  She called the club from home to compliment my act and tell the host to work on his delivery.  Booze, talkativeness, dignity.  Pick any two.

The late Saturday show was even better than the first.  psu_jedi, av_lad, ishyko, ladyvyola, i_am_racerx, and caryabend all showed up.  psu_jedi could be a professional audience laugher in LA TODAY.  Yes, there is such a job.  Other comics talked about how the laughter from the LJ table spread to the rest of the crowd like a happy virus. 

I sent a message to the host to announce after the show that I was taking my friends out for milkshakes.  My tribute to Andy Kaufman.  Much love to you all.  Check out in late April for the free audio and video clips from this show.  Night night.


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