basilwhite (basilwhite) wrote,

The dirtiest curse-free song in the world.

The kids are out with Grandma.
They won't be home 'til suppertime.
Let's try somethin' special
Don't pretend you're shy

I'm gonna love you the way they love in Rome
Open up your backdoor, baby, Daddy's coming home

It's forbidden, the love you've hidden when you sit in your chair
I commit that I won't quit 'til you've been ridden there.

Let's take a trip to the backend mountains
You bring the dirt, I'll bring the spade  
meat, eggs, milk, milk, lemonade,
Wanna climb in the cave where your fudge is made

When I look in your big brown eye, I'll tell you what I see
I've had two ways to love you, and I've found number three

I give you money, I give your flowers, I'd give you heaven above
What do I want in return, what more could I need, but love.


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