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Never felt this good before

Wiseacres, 4/1/04.  First time on stage in 5 months, first time since I emotionally disassembled onstage and cancelled all my gigs.

Since then, I've taken full ongoing responsibility for my emotional well-being and self-esteem. 

I was ready to say goodbye last night if I didn't feel performing was worth the trouble anymore.  The important thing was I wasn't dependent on the audience for any emotional need, because I hit the stage with my emotional needs fully met.

Stomped ass.  Got through less than 2/3 of my set for the laughing and applauding.  The wisdom I've been fortunate to receive from others is creating ecstatic outcomes onstage. 

Compared to the amount of attention and interest I used to command from audiences, I am Ming the Merciless, commanding them to dance with my hypno-ring.

They also enjoyed the bit about teaching cats to wrestle.

Televisual Orgasm Facilitators* who please me are eligible for a CD-ROM of this set, free shipping, no ads, no extra files, no foolin'.

Basil White at Basil White dot com / basilwhite on AIM / Yahoo

*a.k.a. "Camwhores"


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